Beyond The Things I Know

Sefi Zisling

  • Label: Raw
  • Origin: Europe
  • Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Soul Jazz, Spiritual Jazz
  • Format: LP
  • Catalogue number: TGS05

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Trumpeter/ Composer Sefi Zisling incorporates Afro-Jazz with Psychedelic Funk in this new solo project. Sefi is best known as the top trumpeter of Tel Aviv's Jazz & Funk scene.

While still attending high school, Sefi performed with various funk and groove acts, laying the foundations for many more musical encounters and fruitful collaborations with other members of the ever growing Tel Aviv music scene. Sefi performed with bands such as The Ramirez Brothers, Kutiman Orchestra, Funknstein, Gili Yalo, and many more.

Today, after fifteen years of recording and performing all over the world alongside almost everyone within the Israeli music scene,Sefi is taking a step forward to release his debut solo album. The album itself is a result of a brief encounter that led to a close friendship between Sefi and multi-instrumentalist/producer, Rejoicer. The music created in this three-day studio encounter ranges from Afro-Jazz to spaced-out beats with influences of Spiritual Jazz, African music and Psychedelic Funk, all led by the trumpet.

Beyond The Things I Know



Side 1
1.    "Open The Door" (4:25)
2.    "Very Light Blue" (feat Elran Dekel) (3:07)
3.    "Dreamwalk" (3:38)
4.    "Nomok's Fiesta" (1:21)
5.    "My Magic Moose" (feat Uzi Ramirez) (4:04)
Side 2
1.    "More Space" (feat Layla Moallem) (3:56)
2.    "Avocado Dance" (feat Nomok) (5:30)
3.    "Beginnings" (0:48)
4.    "Archie Surprise" (feat BrassLove) (4:12)
5.    "Endz" (feat Uzi Ramirez) (3:15)