Justin Bua: The Beat of Urban Art

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  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Format: Books
  • Catalogue number: B1

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A beautiful book by a true legend of Urban Art. Bua, created a best-selling USA college dorm poster "The DJ,"  but is also an accomplished graffiti writer who has crossed over into the mainstream. His book - melding hip-hop, graffiti, and old-school breakdancing styles - is a visually arresting tome. Justin Bua creates cool art. With sketches, studies, and narrative explaining how his pieces were created, "The Beat of Urban Art" takes you into the head and heart of the Toulouse-Lautrec of our times - a man who paints the world he sees with a riot of colour and movement that is as unique and modern as the art created by Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Collectors of Bua's art include Bill Clinton, Robert De Niro, Will Smith, Alicia Silverstone, Christina Ricci, Mark Wahlberg, Whoopi Goldberg, and NBA star Damon Stoudamire, as well as popular singers and dancers too numerous to mention-from hip-hop artists to DJs to the inventors of Break Dancing and Popping. Teenagers upwards buy his posters, 700,000 units sold in the USA in 2004 alone. With BUA's hip urban subjects, high-profile artistry, and amazingly vibrant talent, "The Beat of Urban Art" will be a hit with old and new fans alike.

Justin Bua: The Beat of Urban Art