The Dancers at the Edge of Time

The Greg Foat Group

  • Label: Jazzman
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Modal Jazz, Psychedelia, Soul Jazz
  • Format: CD
  • Catalogue number: JMANCD083

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This major new release from the Greg Foat Group sees the celebrated jazz quintet making the most of the acoustics of an ancient church, accompanied by a full ensemble of supporting musicians.

The fourth album from the celebrated jazz combo will further delight Foat fans who have been consistently enthralled by the taste and finesse with which they execute their beguiling arrangements and instrumentation.

Last year, during the long, hot summer of 2014, a couple of tons of vintage studio gear were bundled into an ancient church on the charming and picturesque village of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. There the centuries-old church organ was the centerpiece and the Group was accompanied a string quartet and woodwinds to create a musical style like no other. The resulting hauntingly sublime sounds need not only fill vaulted chapel ceilings, but our hearts and ears as well. 

Recorded across three of the hottest days in summer, direct onto 1" tape and with all the rich, live analogue sound and the hallowed magnificence that church acoustics can bring, The Dancers at the Edge of Time features the classic Foat group with guesting local musicians and friends, and celebrates the summertime and beach ambience of living on the island. A future classic, do not miss this!

  • Recorded on vintage analogue equipment in an ancient church on the Isle of Wight
  • CD with 4 page colour booklet + bonus track to the LP version
  • Only on Jazzman – all because WE DIG DEEPER!

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The Dancers at the Edge of Time



1 The Dancers at the End of Time

2 Door into Summer

3 The Hunt

4 Hygiea

5 The Dancers Waltz

6 The Eye of Horus

7 Riff for Raff

8 Love Theme

9 Rocken End

10 The Eye of Horus (alternate take)